Simon CroweCoaching with me is high impact and I love to work with individuals of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate and humanitarian endeavours. I work with true leaders who do not live in deficit, but have an urge to refocus and expand their already abundant energies and recognise the value of working alongside me as their coach.

I work with clients through invitation or referral, and so I choose to work with people who are fun, inspiring, committed and courageous and who have a dream that excites me as much as it excites them. I believe in the principle that if either one of us is not feeling 100% passionate about the prospect of working together, then we shouldn?t.

My coaching is highly personalised, offering my clients a unique experience which is creative, challenging and inspiring, and which shifts their lives on a very profound level. I work with clients for twelve months or beyond, as this allows time for the extraordinary to occur while still keeping things fresh and focused.

The details of how we work together is created in a conversation with the specific focus on delivering your vision. Our agreement may include powerful face-to face meetings and calls, traveling together to inspiring locations and taking part in activities that will stretch us and open our minds to new possibilities. We get to choose.

My partnerships range from ?6,000 to ?35,000 depending on the length of commitment, 1:1 vs small group, and whether we are in an ongoing relationship or you are joining me at an intensive in London or Liberia. I require my clients to pledge their energy, passion and desire when making the commitment to create a partnership with me and to staying the course - even if it gets really challenging. Clients are expected to take complete and full responsibility for their experience and its outcomes. My commitment is to be relentless in my support of them on the path to delivering their vision. The impact can be quite literally life changing - if they choose it.

My clients create powerful results.

?One of my clients came to me with a dream of creating his first property investment fund. The fund is reprtedly now worth over ?100 million and has just bought its fourth property in Mayfair, London.

I coached a female executive of a global consumer brand around confidence and personal impact ? she was recently promoted to Director of Global Strategy.

A client at an international financial services firm wanted to create greater harmony in his life. He was promoted to MD and his wife gave birth to their second son last year.

So if you are absolutely ready to get deeply curious, click here and we will talk about how your future can be transformed.