As a regular guest on Podcasts around the world, I speak to inspire and inform. Renowned for engaging listeners with fascinating stories of my many adventures and the characters I have met, I love to engage in rich conversation with the host. I speak openly about my personal experiences, and challenges in growing as a man and a leader and share the insights and personal wisdom I have gained along the way.

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Supporting Your Wildest Dreams

Alison Beierlein and I talk about?how I found coaching, and what it was about the industry and the art of coaching itself that pushed me to do it professionally.

Creating Curiosity For Success

I talk to Anna & Stephanie Scheller about curiosity a powerful characteristic that opens our eyes to new opportunities to advance our life.? How by being open, new worlds open up and are created.

Be Aware Of Your Energetic Vibrations

Bruce Langford and I speak about living Mindfully and how this can help you create the life that you want, and being aware of the conversation going on in your mind.

The Art Of Coaching ? You Are The One You Have Been Looking For

I talk to Calin Saftoiu about how I got started on my journey to coaching, limiting beliefs, trust, and encouraging my clients to dream big and take tiny steps to reach goals.

Creating The Impossible Mission

David Ralph and I speak about the excitement I feel when asking ?What would it be like if anything that we could create was possible in our lives?

Meaning, Direction & Focus

Dwayne Klassen and I do a deep dive into the world of today?s men and the challenges they face. We also uncover some cool life hacks that can bring you the clarity you are looking for.

Curiosity, Clarity And Creativity

I talk to Erica Glessing about why Curiosity, Clarity and Creativity are themes that run through my coaching practice.

Overcoming Fear And Building Confidence

Kingsley Grant and I discuss how confidence is not something you wait for. It is something that comes by you simply taking action over and over again. (Episode 254)

My Journey As A Master Coach

In this episode I am speak to Marc Mawhinney about how I got into coaching and how I evolved as a coach. (Episode 490)

My Passion For Liberia

In this podcast I talk to Nathan Seaward about my passion and love for Liberia, my desire to build a school in one of the communities and some of the challenges and conflicts that come from being in a place such as this. (Episode 9)

People Don?t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

I talk to Neil Ball about how if you know why somebody does something that aligns with their values, their passions, their desires, their dreams, then that?s the energy that people communicate with, that?s when people will buy your services or products.

Say YES To Your Bold Vision

In this interview, I speak to Nicole Jansen about the tools to transform our thinking, fulfill our wildest dreams, and leave our mark on humanity.

Big Things Are Created With Little Steps

This podcast is with Samantha Riley, and we talk about my passion for creating partnerships with influential entrepreneurs, leaders and humanitarians and co-creating visions that positively impact people?s lives.

Leadership In Liberia With Natasha McCreesh

In this podcast I talk to Steve Twynham and Natasha Mcreesh about The Big Idea project.? If you are looking to make a real difference to peoples lives and find your true meaning and purpose this may be the project for you.