Simon's commitment and integrity to his clients is unquestionable and would never expect a client to do anything that he would not ask of himself. He decided to become a coach after being coached himself and as he felt the profound impact it had on his own life. Simon continues his own development work with coaches from all over the world and has trained with some of the most highly regarded coaches in the industry.

Simon is totally committed to supporting his clients in achieving their goals and has an impeccable track record. Please read these Testimonials for the unedited views of some of the people he has served.

"Simon is the real deal. Period. I worked with him for one year, and our work together totally transformed both my personal and business life. I not only have a sincere appreciation for him as a coach but also for who he is as a human being. If you are looking for a deep transformational coach that is authentic, direct, loving and just plain brilliant, Simon is the coach for you!"

Christo Schutte, Founder of The Game Within, thegamewithin.com


"I cannot thank you enough for the space you held for me. I wanted to know my power in a way I have never known it before. I could feel it bubbling up and in those first few minutes with you, I decided that is what I wanted. YOU held the space and saw nothing but my power. That was the only option. You called it out of me in such a powerful and subtle way. As a result, I have made massive leaps in my business/purpose and am creating exactly what I had envisioned just a few weeks ago. What once was just a vision is now moulding into reality because I know my power now. I am one of the most powerful women I know and my visions come true. Thank you for helping me see the vastness of my power."

~Marilyn Rodriguez | SOUL Coach and Mentor, themarilynrodriguez.com


"The day I met Simon is the day my life changed forever! Simon saw within me and called me forth and within the first 5 minutes I was certain I was getting back on my path. He allowed me in his loving way to open myself up to my dream again. 90 days later I am back on my playful path and the sun is shining bright in my life!"

~Darlene Navarre | CFO at GoPlazy and Owner, atiplay2create.com


"Being coached by Simon Crowe is a gift to your soul. It is service for your soul. I'm in appreciation of Simon for his humanity and service."

~Marc Levine | Senior Engagement Manager


"I recommend Simon 100% as a top coach."

~Oliver Gray | Managing Director


"Simon?s unique style allowed me to look at the bigger picture, instead of focusing on the details. He also gave me the tools to look at the issue from completely different angles than before. In a very short period of time, I had defined my goals and was up and running."

~Solano Pena-Lenzi | Managing Director


"Simon?s ability to lay a clear path to achieve goals and then painlessly guiding you through is a real talent. Couple this with some truly challenging but poignant questions and you have a successful partnership that can deliver results and make a real difference."

~Jeremy Cuthbert | Managing Director


"Simon's sessions are filled with positivity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Every engaging and interactive hour subtly and effectively re-enforced my determination and focused my mind on attaining my objectives."

~Darren Strachan | Sales Manager


"I would strongly recommend Simon as a coach. He demonstrates professionalism and commitment to his clients. His personal qualities, combined with his strong understanding of the process of coaching, deliver results and equip his clients with strategies to support their own personal and career development into the future."

~Rosemary Ledley | Communications Specialist


"Simon is an intuitive and natural coach who easily creates a space in which I can think creatively and productively.? He has great empathy and understanding while maintaining his own integrity and independence. This means he is able to follow me into my world while frequently provoking me to expand it through fresh insights.? As a result, working with him is often very exciting and enriching."

~Donald Lush | University of Hertfordshire


"I would highly recommend Simon as a coach, and also council anyone with doubts to give this a try ? as it will definitely change them for the better. An excellent experience all round.?

~Bob Morrell | Operations Director


"I would definitely recommend you as a coach because it has been an extremely positive and eye-opening experience for me and I would willingly refer anyone to undergo this rewarding and fulfilling experience."

~Cynthia Mbenafo | Commercial Banking Professional


"I cannot recommend Simon Crowe highly enough. It is an enjoyable process that has re-energised me and produced extraordinary outcomes."

~Jeremy Blake | Sales & Marketing Director


"Simon will help you achieve the results you want whilst treating you as the unique individual you are."

~Robert Moody | Quality Improvement Manager