Curiosity, Clarity, Creativity



I teach you to be deeply curious about your life. We get curious about everything your life, your relationships, your fears, your limiting beliefs, your ingrained habits, your joys, your passions, your strengths, your talents, your successes your inspirations. Becoming the expert witness in your own life leads to profound insights and awareness about your current reality. We also get really curious about what would be possible for you if you were free from the shackles of those beliefs, habits and fears. We talk about your unique gifts and visions of what you want to create drawing from the well of untapped potential.

Some thoughts on Curiosity:

  • Curiosity opens us up to amazing ways of seeing the world differently, being open to diverse perspectives, different ways of thinking and different ways of being.
  • Curiosity has no judgement it teaches us, broadens our understanding, builds trust and heals rifts.
  • Curiosity is a potent way to delve into our secret dreams, our unexpressed desires, to play in the realms of greater possibility.
  • Curiosity allows us to understand the Why behind the things we aspire to - increasing commitment and enriching our desire.
  • Curiosity is where we uncover new options and possibilities.
  • Curiosity gives us a beginner's mind to see things afresh, to explore new things and discover hidden treasure.
  • Curiosity gives strength to move past obstacles and to overcome negativity and doubt whatever their source - leading to new discoveries and creating new and exciting realities.
  • Curiosity provides fresh resources, rich in untapped strength and unfulfilled potential from which we to start to create powerfully.




The first time I was coached I was asked what I wanted. I literally I spent the next 2 hours telling my coach about all the things I didn't want. I have never forgotten the power of having this unproductive mindset reflected back to me - my whole construct of the world was back-to-front and the realisation stopped me in my tracks!

How often is a lack of forward motion a result of not being able to articulate what you want, or even knowing what you want but not knowing how to get it? My clients develop such a well-defined picture of the imagined future and a clear plan of how to create it that the steps seem as natural as putting one foot in front of the other. I often spend a whole day with clients just getting clear on what they want, before we even start coaching.

We also get clear on the blueprint of precisely what you need to do day by day to create the reality. We get clear on the mindset that will serve you in creating this reality and handle the negative habits and beliefs that hold you back. We get really clear on the skillset you will need to build your vision and we look at how you manage your energy to create sustainable change.

Some thoughts on Clarity:

  • Clarity is knowing what we really want deep down and why it is important.
  • Clarity is being able to touch our dream, to breath it, to feel it and bring it into focus into the present.
  • Clarity is seeing how the world can be different and having the certainty and belief that we can create the things that we can imagine.
  • Clarity allows us to see the beliefs and fears that hold us back and to develop new, more resourceful ways to think and behave that leave us feeling confident, capable and on track.
  • Clarity leaves us with nowhere to hide because with clarity comes awareness - which leads to choice and with choice comes the responsibility to act.
  • Clarity is the mindset that enables us to view the world as an adventure to be explored rather than a series of obstacles to be overcome.
  • Clarity enables us to see the path to the goal and so take the steps and move forward with certainty - which reduces fear and increases confidence.



There are two types of future the default future and the created future. The default future is where you will arrive if you continue to make the same choices, do the same things and think the same thoughts as you do now. The created future is the future you will arrive at by gaining clarity of what it is you want, getting curious about your current thoughts and beliefs and then being creative in inventing new ways to approach your life, touching new heights and achieving incredible things. My clients understand that creativity leads to invention and playfulness which creates a new future reality.

I grew up with the belief that I was not creative. I was conditioned into believing that I couldn't draw or paint or sing or write so I didn't create. That was until I redefined creativity and realised it is not simply being artistic and so realigned my definition of creativity with experimentation and improvisation. Creativity is what happens in the space between knowing and not knowing, it is filling that space with something new and inventive and fun and joyful.

Freed from the belief that art has to reflect real life but that it was more about self-expression and invention. I started to paint and draw - our home is now filled with brightly coloured, weird-looking canvases many of them finger paintings all of them full of vivid colour and inventiveness. I have also sung in front of a room of 50 people and got a standing ovation, not for the quality of the singing (my stage name was the Drain) but for the creative expression and joy.

Some thoughts on Creativity:

  • Creativity is how we fill our world with possibilities, find new ways to approach age-old problems and to explore our choices in thinking, speaking and doing.
  • Creativity requires courage, sometimes we have to jump and develop wings on the way down.
  • Creativity is playful and fun it creates a towards a state of mind and is dynamic and motivating.
  • Creativity is fully owning our power trusting that we can find the answers that to fill the gap between knowing and not knowing.
  • Creativity has all the resources of the universe at its disposal.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.

~George Bernard Shaw